Design Works

Viable Magazine

School Project -  Editorial - 2019

Viable is a magazine focused on attainable sustainability. My partner and I wanted to have something approachable for a subject that is hard

for many people to digest. Throughout this project,

I completed multiple advertisements, the front cover, masthead, a six page feature, and more. 

Power Punk Lemonade

School Project -  Brand Design - 2019

Power Punk Lemonade is a brand concept I created to break up the traditional "family owned" lemonade scene. The brand frequents concerts, and also has

a "Lemon-Aid" stand where patrons can go get some help if needed (concerts are very dangerous sometimes!). This brand is a combination of design and illustration, and is near and dear to my heart!

Button Work

Personal and Professional Projects - 2016 - Present

Pin-Back buttons have been a big part of my life for the

past few years, as I created the Big Bad Button Booth and AuArtsSA Button club. I have worked for a number of clients for various events, and it's something I find quite fun to do.